Hotels filling up for eclipse

Holiday Inn Hotel, Highway 281, GI. (NTV)

Only 14 solar eclipses have been seen on U.S. soil in the last 100 years. Few get to experience this rare occasion, but those who have, say it's an unforgettable experience to see an eclipse.

The state of Nebraska will get to experience one up close on August 21st, and it's bringing in quite a few tourists.

With thousands expected to travel to the Husker State, it has emergency personnel on alert for that weekend.

Nebraska will be one of the only states to be in the eclipse's path of totality, and many who are traveling have already booked hotels in Central Nebraska to experience it.

The director of the Grand Island's Visitors Bureau, Brad Mellema, said they're getting calls and emails about it every day asking about lodging.

“Sunday night is a really valuable time and most of our hotels are pretty closed to filling out, but give us a call, we’ll do everything we can to secure a room for you. There’s a lot of things happening at Stuhr Museum, downtown has got events going on, so there’s a lot of thing in the community just happening anyway so come and make a weekend of it,” Mellema said.

He said that they're preparing to see potentially up to 50,000 people for the viewing of the eclipse and they have already contacted emergency personnel so they can stay prepared.

"Anytime you get a large group of people together, it's good for emergency personnel to have thought through with that. And Jon Rosenlund with the city has reached out to us and we've communicated with him some of our plans so that emergency services do have plans to deal with potential traffic issues or large gathering of people on a potentially hot august day," Mellema said.

There are special protective glasses that will be handed out at most eclipse viewing events, or you can pick some up at the Stuhr Museum or the Grand Island Visitors Bureau.

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