Cat Yoga: a purrrfect way to relax and adopt

Cats on Mats yoga class (KHGI)

Avani Day Spa and Yoga Studio in downtown Hastings is holding their first Cats on Mats class, and they are pairing with Start Over Rover.

"We want to have the cats interacting with the yogis," said yoga instructor Billie Nelsen. "So, we'll have someone around to help corral the cats if they try to wander around but we'd like to have the cats on the mats or nearby."

Each of these cats are available for adoption.

"They'll bring their adoptable animals to class to hopefully help them find homes. I have been fostering these kittens since they were born so I have six actually in my house right now," said Nelsen.

Instead of Avani's typical drop-in fee, they are accepting supply donations.

"We'll have people bring in cat litter, stainless steel dishes, food, stuff like that to give to Rover," said Nelsen.

The class is open to anyone who appreciates relaxation.

"The class is absolutely beginner friendly," said Nelsen. "It'll be a restorative class so it will have minimum movement and it will last about 60 minutes."

Space is limited, so yogis are encouraged to sign up in advance.

"We're really excited to have this event and hopefully find homes for the kittens," said Nelsen.

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