Does your 10-year-old need a smartphone?


Children and teenagers often feel the rush of dopamine with each social media "like" but also can't stop checking their device - all day and all night.

With all this many parents wonder: Should I really get my ten year old a smart phone?

Nationwide there may be a smartphone addiction epidemic. According to a Common Sense Media poll, 50 percent of kids admit they're addicted, and 66 percent of parents felt their children used mobile devices too much.

Studies show the average age of a child's first smart phone is 12, but problems can arise earlier. One study says on average sexting began in fifth grade, porn consumption started at just 8 years old, porn addiction around 11 years old.

Dawn Darling, a counselor and social worker in Kearney, said parents are the gatekeepers, and one child might be ready for a mobile device earlier than another. She still urges caution.

One internet safety expert who gives presentations said the longer you wait to get your child a smart phone, the better.

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