Kids Corner: Burn Awareness


Statistics show that burn injuries are one of the leading causes of accidental deaths and injuries in the US, and many of those cases are young children.

According to the American Burn Association children under the age of five are 2 ½ times more likely to suffer burn injuries that require medical treatment than the general population.

One of the major burn situations among children is scalding, "One of the things we can control is the temp of our water heater. We would like to see that set at 120 degrees in the house. And that can prevent a scald injury from happening in the bathtub," says Trauma Outreach Coordinator at CHI Good Sam, Tracy Dethlefs.

Another way to easy a parents mind when it comes to bath scalding are toys that help identify if the water is too hot for a child.

Another big concern is inside the kitchen, especially around hot stoves and ovens, "turning the pot handle in, making sure that children are kept away from the kitchen when oven doors are open because they might accidentally put their hands down on the oven door. And so it's a good idea to keep kids out of the kitchen when you're cooking," says Dethlefs.

During the winter months fire places are also a prime location for surface burns, and something else Dethlefs sees a lot are burns from hot liquids from food and beverages.

Dethlefs says, "You might be drinking hot coffee or tea or eating a hot bowl of soup. Children like to explore with their hands and so there going to be reaching for things and so they can pull it down onto of them or they could reach their hand in it,"

If a burn is sustained she says you'll want to make sure you cool the area off with cold water not ice, and do not use a washcloth. And of course keep an eye on the injury afterward, Things to look for are signs of an infection. So when you're changing the dressing you want to watch for any redness or warmth or heat around the surrounding skin because that can be sign of an infection and you'll want to let a doctor know right away."

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