Kids Corner: Home Safety Tips

Our homes, they are the center of many families lives but they can also be prime locations for accidents with young children.

The saying goes home is where the heart is, but with babies and toddlers it can also be where the accidents happen.

Matthew Walters, a local EMT is often the first responder in home injuries, one big thing he tells parents to be aware of are the possibilities of poisonings.

"Any type of household cleaners should be keep out of the reach of children, preferably in locked cabinets. Any poisons should be kept out of the home. Preferably in garages or in sheds," he says.

Another big concern is drowning, according to statistics they are the number one cause of accidental deaths among ages one to five.

"Children should never be left unattended near or in the water. So an example would be in the bath, if you need to leave the bathtub you should take them with you," says Walters.

Another thing to thinks about is choking hazards, most parents are aware that these are serious risks but many don't realize what in the home kids can chock on.

"A lot of things around the home are choking hazards, so it's good to be mindful of that. A good rule of thumb is that anything that can fit in a toilet paper roll is small enough for them to choke on," he says.

He reminds properly baby proofing your home before your child starts crawling can help avoid many of these tragic accidents from occurring.

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