Vital Signs: Colorectal Cancer rates among GenX and Millenials, study says

Vital Signs: Colorectal cancer on the rise among GenX and Millenials. (NTV News)

A shocking new study points to the importance of cancer screening.

Colorectal cancer rates are going up among Gen X'ers and Millennials compared to people born around 1950, those born in 1990 have double the risk of colon cancer and quadruple the risk of rectal cancer.

The study-published by the journal of the National Cancer Institute raises red flags, it's difficult to determine why younger people are faced with Colorectal Cancer.

"We know incident rates are increasing due to a number of factors. I do believe guidelines should be looked at," said Meghan Freeze, CHI Health Good Samaritan Nurse Practitioner.

The long held belief is 50-years-old should be getting screened, Meghan says those guidelines should be re-examined with these latest findings.

The next week Good Sam in Kearney is offering free in home Colorectal cancer test kits.

If a sample shows cause for concern a colonoscopy is recommended.

"The horror stories have deterred people. But we've gotten adjusted to anesthesia providers who have helped with this," said Freeze.

But why the uptick in colon cancer?? Obesity rates coincide with the numbers experts point to sedentary lifestyles and a failure to get screened as reasons why.

"It's something not a lot of people want to talk about," said Freeze.

To request a free at home test kit, call 800-658-5169.

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