Vital Signs: Is the Fountain of Youth exercise?

Vital Signs: Exercise be the key to the fountain of youth? (NTV News)

Researchers found all forms of exercise improved overall fitness.

At the cellular level-eye popping results.

Researchers found high intensity interval training encourages cells to make more proteins to feed energy producing machinery.

"Even if you go from the couch to walking it's a win. If you can go from walking to jogging great. Then you think I need to strength train. How will I have time?? Intervals," said Patrick Haddix, Owner, Fitness 101.

Patrick looks like he was cut out of a rock. He owns and operates fitness 101 in Kearney.

He says interval or high impact training involves short

Bursts of intense aerobic activity within a stretch of more moderate exercise.

"Lets say you've gotta run 10 miles and you don't have time. Okay that's not gonna work. So if you run or jog a minute or spring a minute. What it can do is help your running economy," said Haddix.

Patrick says the idea that you can bang out a quick work out and get a lot out of it is very appealing.

He cautions folks that there are concerns with interval training.

"The biggest concern is maintaining a proper high in high intensity," said Haddix.

He says if you get injured or your body continually breaks down because of going 100 percent then you end up back on the couch and thus defeating the purpose.

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