Central Community College prepares students for workforce

Rows of machinery and technology right here in this lab, helping students get ready for the manufacturing world. (NTV News)

An open house at Central Community College on Saturday showed off how the school is preparing students to enter the workforce.

Rows of machinery and technology were set up in a lab, helping students get ready for the manufacturing world.

CCC opened its doors in Kearney in August. Jared Pettit, a mechatronics professor, wants others to know about their big addition their manufacturing lab.

"I think it was really important, one that we get this lab up and running as early as we possibly could because there's a lot of unfilled positions right now in the industry, they are just thirsting for skills and it was pretty important, we get that skill gap filled as quickly as we possibly could,” Pettit said.

The campus offers skilled and technical science programming to give students a more hands-on experience.

"The programs that we're able to offer here in Kearney now definitely will work well with employers that are looking to hire skilled labor, skilled workers. Now that we have the advanced manufacturing program, mechatronics. We are really looking at trying to fulfill the needs of area employers,” said CCC Kearney director Kelly Christensen.

Pettit said the industry can be intimidating, but he believes CCC prepares students to enter the workforce.

"I try to transfer that over to the students, just letting them know that their perfect and prime opportunity is out there. They just need to be creative and look for it and apply their skills how they see fit, not how a book asks them to do that,” Petitt said.

CCC officials said their goal for the future is to keep filling the labs with more students.

The college is also working on recruiting more students throughout Central Nebraska, rather than just Kearney.

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