City of Hastings improves fire safety rating, homeowners could see insurance savings

City of Hastings improves fire safety rating, homeowners could see insurance savings

An improved fire safety rating for the city of Hastings could mean insurance savings for home and business owners in the area.

"We're very happy with the ratings and of course we are always looking to improve," said Hastings Fire Chief Kent Gilbert.

The insurance services office (ISO) evaluates thousands of fire departments nationwide, recently giving Hastings an improved rate of 2.

"We've been a "3" for probably about 20 years. 1 being the best, 10 being the worst,” said Rick Rader with Rader Insurance in Hastings.

Gilbert said back in 1984, Hastings was given an ISO rate of a five.

"The score is composed in three different areas. 50 percent for the fire department, 40 percent for the water supply, and 10 percent for the 911 center,” Gilbert said.

He also said they’ve been working very hard to improve the ratings.

"I think it’s an accumulation of investments the city has made and the fire department, along with the work people do," Gilbert said.

These ratings are what most insurance companies use in order to decide how much they will be charging you.

"The lower your fire protection is, numbers one, two, three, their rates are cheaper than the four, five, and six’s," Gilbert said.

All of this hopefully good news to homeowners in Hastings.

"Majority of the people in the town should see a reduction in their insurance costs," Gilbert said.

Insurance agents said the decrease to your premiums would vary per insurer.

According to Gilbert, the city of Grand Island is the only place in the entire state of Nebraska that has an ISO top rating of one.

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