Nance County Fair teaches life lessons for Czarnick family

Nance County Fair teaches life lessons for Czarnick family. (NTV News)

It’s not fried food on a stick, or big name concerts that draw folks to many county fairs. Instead, it’s a celebration of agriculture and farm families like the Czarnicks.

“We come from a big farm that raises about 500 head of Angus cattle, just a family thing,” 18-year-old Mary Czarnick said.

The fair is a chance to get away from the farm a few days, although the chores never seem to stop.

Her older brother Nick said, “We do a cow-calf operation with a little bit of backgrounding, keeps us extremely busy it feels like.”

And crops, too.

Youngest brother Jacob said, “We're doing soybeans, corn, sorghum, and some wheat.”

Mary just graduated from high school and Jacob is going to be a sophomore. Their big brothers all play roles on the farm.

Nick said, “We got one older one. He's my agronomist. He can figure out prescriptions, nitrogen testing, all that stuff. Then me with the cattle, and younger one is a John Deere tech. He does our mechanics for us. In terms of diversified, we're definitely there.”

Showing livestock can be humbling; Cattle may not cooperate and kids may not like what the judge has to say. But these kids say they grow by doing.

Mary said, “I think 4-H is a great experience, especially at a young age it gets you out, gets you meeting people, gives you public speaking skills. I think if I did not do 4-H, I would not be as confident as I am when it comes to speaking.”

Learning life lessons that translate beyond the livestock arena. As Mary and Jacob bring their projects to the fair, Nick had some advice.

“Keep that smile, keep your composure and poise. Sometimes a heifer will act up, steers act up. New environment, people, weather. There's all sorts of things, but if you can show you're in control, and you can handle any kind of situation that goes a long ways.”

NTV's Grow plans to attend a number of fairs this summer. Be watching for "Friday at the Fair" segments.

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