Give Hastings Day benefits 75 nonprofits

Give Hastings Day benefits 75 nonprofits. (NTV News)

More than $340,000 went to 75 organizations across the Hastings area.

Those with "Give Hastings Day" said they're on track for one of their best years yet, and in just their fourth year of doing the24-hour fundraising event, not only are they exceeding funding expectations but the number of nonprofits benefiting has jumped from 50 to 75.

Event organizers said it's a way for the community to show their appreciation.

"There's a feeling in this community of positivity and helpfulness that just strengthens all of our wonderful nonprofits doing amazing work for everybody here," said Give Hastings Day committee member Amy Sandeen. "It brings everyone together. It's a great feeling to give today and a great collaboration."

"You know these nonprofits, they work every single day so hard to serve and help those who are in need and we're just trying to give back," said Give Hastings Day committee member Caitlyn Dumas. "We're just trying to get everyone together to be able to give back together to say 'Thank you for everything that you've done.'"

Thursday's 24-hour giving event continues until midnight Thursday night. Donations can be made online at

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