Hastings Expedition League baseball team asks for input on team name

(NTV News)

Hastings sports fans will be treated to even more baseball next summer. Duncan Field will serve as the site of an expansion team in the newly created Expedition League.

The team is asking for input on a name.

The new squad will be led by former Grand Island Home Federal coach Bryan Frew. The program gives players at the collegiate level a chance to keep playing over the summer and possibly in front of some MLB scouts.

"One of the main goals of the league is to prepare kids not only playing-wise and to get better at playing, but also prepare them for the grind of a minor league season," Frew said. "You know professional baseball is much different from college baseball, way less days off, more games, it's hot, more games, more at bats, less innings. So it's something you got to prepare for not only from the playing standpoint, but also how to interact with fans."

Duncan Field will also serve as the site of the first ever All-Star game for the new league in 2018.

Frew already has eyes on where to recruit from.

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