Kearney student becomes principal for a day

Kearney student becomes principal for a day. (NTV News)

Brodie McConville is a fifth-grade student at Park Elementary School who got to be principal for a day.

As the principal, Brodie got to meet the superintendent of Kearney Public Schools. He toured the new high school, delivered apples to teachers and read to students.

Brodie says being the principal is not that easy.

"I don't have to be in my class today, it's going to be really fun, but after I got started, I was like "Oh, I'm going to have to work.'"

Katie Matthews, the original principal, played the assistant principal for the day.

"It really is kind of a neat way to elevate a student and let them kind of see a little bit about what it is to be in charge of a school and some of the responsibilities," said Matthews.

Having a student play the principal for a day is a tradition at the school. She said opportunities like this are special for students.

"Makes that student feel like a celebrity for a day," said Matthews.

Brodie also got to make calls to parents and have lunch with his friends in the teachers' lounge.

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