Marchers take the streets of Grand Island in support of immigration rights

Marchers take to the streets of Grand Island, for a "Day without Immigrants."

An estimated 200 took part in the rally. Many say the election of Pres. Trump has ushered in fear and uncertainty, and they feel the need to speak out.

Students like Angela Soto got out of school, to join the rally.

She says there have been rumors of immigration rains, and talk of deportations.

They chanted, "Here to work, not to kill" and said they are united.

But also scared.

Soso said, "Even people with papers here legally are scared of what's going to happen. Families are going to be torn apart. People don't want to go to work, even students don't want to go to school. They're worried family needs them at home. It affects everything."

They chanted, "Si, se puede", which can be translated as "yes, we can."

Specifically, they say they are concerned about so-called "Dreamers", those who came to the country illegally as children. They fear Immigration and Customs Enforcement will detain them.

Under Pres. Obama, the federal policy was called "deferred action", meaning the government would not take action against those young people.

The rally encountered no organized opposition as marchers walked down Third Street through Downtown Grand Island.

Steve White will have a compete update tonight on NTV News.

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