Nebraska 3rd district candidates discuss latest allegations of sexual misconduct

Third District Candidates for Congress 2018 (KHGI)

In light of the allegations of sexual misconduct surrounding the Alabama Senate race and recent resignations in Congress, we asked the candidates for Nebraska's Third District congressional seat what should be done.

Currently democrat Paul Theobald and republicans Kirk Penner and Congressman Adrian Smith have announced their candidacy.

Theobald said these kinds of allegations are nothing new.

“I believe that anyone who is charged with something like that, whether it is some sort of racist comment or sexual harassment or whatever that they automatically ought to undergo that ethics investigation and let the process that’s in place handle it,” said Theobald.

He said he would not support a candidate accused of sexual misconduct.

“It has come into light that we have this special taxpayer fund that’s paying all these sexual harassment claims. That is sad and if you’re in Washington D.C. and you know that and you’re not letting the public know that that’s going on then you are actually condoning it,” said Penner. “Everything needs to be brought out into the sunlight. That fund needs to go away. When there’s a sexual harassment claim it needs to be taken to the public courts.”

Penner said, when it comes to voting for candidates who face allegations, he’d like the courts to decide guilt or innocence.

Congressman Adrian Smith, a republican, released this statement to NTV:

“I serve on the Committee on House Administration, which is leading the way on reforming the process for reporting and putting a stop to harassment in Congress. Our main goal is to prevent harassment through education, resources, and accountability measures, and at the same time provide necessary protections for victims. We have held multiple hearings on this issue in the past few weeks and will continue to work on solutions to ensure the House is a safe workplace for all.”

Watch the video above for more from these candidates.

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