Delinquent businesses put on notice to file reports, pay up

Sec.of State John Gale

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — The Nebraska secretary of state's office has put more than 24,000 business entities on notice that their annual and biennial reports and associated fees are delinquent.

Secretary of State John Gale says all 2017 reports should have been filed with his office by April 1. He says a reminder has been mailed to all nonprofits and limited liability companies and partnerships that missed the deadline. Gales says the businesses can all file reports and make payments online until June 1.

Business entities that fail to file by June 1, but wish to remain in good standing, will be required to reinstate or refile, depending on the business type. They will be assessed a reinstatement fee in addition to any payments that are past due.

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