Three staff members attacked at the Tecumseh Prison

(NTV News)

Three staff members were attacked at the Tecumseh State Correctional institution Wednesday evening.

According to a Nebraska Department of Correctional Services press release, the incident happened when staff members were removing inmates who appeared to be under the influence of homemade alcohol from one of the housing units.

One of the inmates resisted and attacked a staff member before assaulting another who was restraining another inmate.

Staff assisted in stopping the attack by subduing the inmate with OC Spray.

Two staff members suffered bruises to the head. One required five stitches and had a tooth knocked out and another chipped.

Two corporals were treated and released from the Johnson County Hospital. A caseworker, who was bit in thigh, did not seek medical care.

NDCS says it was an isolated incident that did not require a lock down.

The facility has continued normal operation.

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