UNMC works to give pancreatic cancer patients a fighting chance

UNMC works to give pancreatic cancer patients a fighting chance. (NTV News)

Researchers at the University of Nebraska Medical Center are working to change the survival rate for pancreatic cancer patients.

According to UNMC, for people with pancreatic cancer who do not have surgery, the five-year survival rate is 7 percent.

Doctors say pancreatic tumors have been notoriously difficult to treat.

But now, researchers at UNMC are working to develop a combination of treatments that could improve the effectiveness of pancreatic cancer therapy.

"The idea really is that we want to make tumors respond to therapies," said Pankaj Signh, Ph.D. "We are developing these combinations these are definitely not the cure but hopefully a step in the right direction."

The research was supported by a grant through the American Association for Cancer Research, the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, and other national cancer institute grants.

For more information on the research, click here.

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