Whoopers and Hoopers has great impact on Hastings

As the event continues to grow, the Hastings Chamber of Commerce said local business are winning off the court. (NTV News)

The Whoopers and Hoopers basketball tournament drawing in big crowds and big bucks for businesses in Hastings.

Hundreds of people came out for the 36th annual event.

As it continues to grow, the Hastings Chamber of Commerce said local business are winning too.

"Whooper and Hoopers is a huge economic impact to Hastings. We have 3 days so people are staying Friday, Saturday night, eating at our restaurants. They're shopping at our local stores and just the impact of the money that is coming in,” said Mikki Shafer, Whoopers and Hoopers tournament director.

104 teams and more than one thousand players putting their skills to the test winning prize money, t-shirts and plaques.

Shafer says part of the money coming in will be used for scholarships.

"Tonight we will be presenting those to our scholarship winners at the slam dunk 3–point and our scorekeepers are payed as well,” Shafer said.

One scholarship winner has been coming to this event with her family for years. Kelsey Ripperger, scholarship winner said she loves how the community comes together.

"Its just a really great event, for people of the community to come together come and participate in a competitive atmosphere and just have some fun," Ripperger said.

If you want to participate in the event, there is a few guidelines.

"They have to be out of high school and we do have some of them that are in their 40s. Just depending on how good they are, at the age they are that they'll continue to play,” Shafer said.

Shafer said she was happy with this year's outcome and hopes even more people will come next year for their 37th annual event.

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