Smith warns renegotiating NAFTA could do damage

Rep. Adrian Smith meets with constituents in St. Paul on March 13, 2017 (NTV News)

Nebraska farmers are sounding alarm on trade.

Mexico buys a lot of Nebraska corn. Canada is another one of Nebraska's top trade partners.

If Pres. Trump renegotiates NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement, some farmers worry that could hurt their bottom line.

Concerns came up from those in agriculture, as Rep. Adrian Smith held a meeting in St. Paul.

Smith says trade is vital in Nebraska's Third District, where agriculture plays a bigger role than any other congressional district.

Smith said, "We have met with advisors of the president's on trade, expressing to them not only how important trade is, but if they plan to renegotiate NAFTA they need to understand there could be some damage done if they're not careful. We know trade is so important to agriculture. We produce more here in the U.S. than we consume, and we want to have other markets around the world buying our products."

Those in ag told Congressman Smith that commodity prices remain low, and they can't afford to lose important international markets.

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