New Hampshire 8-year-old saves sister, is made honorary fireman

Harrison Holt was made an honorary fireman after saving his baby sister. (CNN Newsource)

A New Hampshire 8-year-old has been made an honorary member of his town's fire department after his actions when a fire hit his family's home.

Harrison Holt was at home with his father and two siblings -- Patrick and Marie -- last weekend when his father had finished mowing and put the mower in a barn attached to the home.

"I came inside, and about 20 minutes later, I was in the living room and smelled smoke," John Holt said.

So, that's when they jumped into action. John got a phone to call 911 and handed it to Harrison, who called for help and took another step.

"We both ran up and he dialed and I took the phone and carried my baby sister out," Harrison said.

When John looked up from the tree that was designated as the family meeting spot in the fire safety plan, he saw Harrison on the phone with 911 and his sister in one arm.

Bud Chapman, the chief of the Milan-Dummer Fire Department, made Harrison an honorary fireman and commended the family for practicing its safety plan.

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