NTV Athlete of the Week: KHS Softball


Kearney High Softball began their season using the no respect card.

The Bearcats have relished the underdog role as they have racked up win after win.

“Since we're from Kearney most teams like Lincoln and Omaha, like, don't see us as much of a target, but now that we've shown that we can play they know that they're out to get us,” said Julia Bauer, Kearney High senior.

Last week, Kearney won six of seven games, including a first ever sweep over the Islanders of Grand Island.

“It was a great moment for us and a really emotional one, also a good momentum carrying us into this weekend being GNAC and playing our best ball right now,” said Natalie Madsen, Kearney High Softball coach.

Kearney's current roster is full of experienced players who have competed together for years, something that helps down the stretch, especially in tight games.

“Knowing what each other are thinking or going to do on a certain play is really important. It comes in handy when you're really close friends with all your teammates and knowing each other helps,” said Lauren Strubeing, Kearney High senior.

Because of their excellent week, the Kearney High softball team is NTV's team of the week. With the postseason around the corner, the bearcats want to send their upperclassmen out in style.

“Our seniors have worked so hard this season and I feel like going out with a bang is just what we need to do for them and what they deserve. I mean they have put in countless hours for the past four years and so I feel like playing our best is just a really good goodbye gift I guess,” said Avery Wood, Kearney High junior.

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