Athlete of the week: Isaac Wahls

Loomis sophomore Isaac Wahls howling through Wauneta-Palisade's defense at a clip of nearly 13.25 per touch.

The Loomis Football team prides themselves on their run game. One of the main backs leading the way this season is sophomore Isaac Wahls.

"He's very consistent for us. He doesn't commit many turnovers he's very aggressive and he's a hard person to tackle when he gets moving. He's very determined and he's kind of a slasher," said Denis Reese, Loomis Head Coach.

Last week in a contest against Wauneta-Palisade, Wahls racked up 225 yards rushing off 17 carries and 3 TD's in the 62-29 victory.

"One of the big keys was we had a great line. We had huge holes for me to hit. Between the backs we had a really good game. We had good options we had good reads on everything," said Isaac Wahls, Lomis RB: NTV Athlete of the Week.

Isaac saw playing time last season as a freshman following some injuries to the Wolves backfield. The year of experience helped pave the way for a solid sophomore campaign.

"The big difference is you're scared of them your freshman year. After that you realize that nobody out there is bigger than you as long as you go your hardest," said Wahls.

On Friday, Loomis has a chance to make history, the wolves have never fielded an undefeated district champion. A win over Wallace would make that dream a reality and put this team in the record books forever.

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