Payton Kinne - NTV's Athlete of the Week

Grand Island began their season with a tough loss to Kearney High 26–14.

Since that night in August, the Islanders have yet to lose rattling off 3 straight wins.

A big reason for that is the play of senior Payton Kinne.

"Payton's been a consistent performer for last season as well as this season he's had a great senior year so far and he had a phenomenal performance you know against Lincoln East," said Kinne's head coach, Jeff Tomlin.

Last week against the Spartans, Payton did it all. He came away with 4 interceptions. Offensively he hauled in 6 catches for 122 yards along with 2 touchdowns.

"We went into the game and the O–Line had a good mindset. They really got a good push and they gave Tyler a chance to throw the ball and helped us with the touchdowns and deep passes," Kinne says.

While Kinne excels on the field of competition, he is even more revered for his composure and character.

"You know he's a quiet, he's a quiet leader you know. He's not going to make a lot of noise but he quietly goes about his business and he makes an impact for us on both sides of the ball," Tomlin commented.

"We talk about doing it on the field and off the field too. I try to do my best for the underclassmen and just make sure that they respect me and make them see me as a person that they want to be around," Kinne added.

For his phenomenal performance against Lincoln East, Payton Kinne is NTV's Athlete of the Week.

The Islanders will try to keep their win streak going on Friday against undefeated Omaha North.

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