Making positional adjustments for Blackshirts

Nebraska helmets sitting on the turf of Tom Osborne Field pregame (NTV News)

Bob Diaco brought in to restore some of the aura to the Blackshirts, taking a hit the last few years as the Huskers ranked no higher than 30th in total defense since they were 11th in 2010.

Diaco's style is a stark contrast to what Nebraska has played for some time, but the front seven is talented enough to make those needed positional adjustments.

"I personally think that's pretty exciting," said defensive lineman Mick Stoltenberg.

"We've got some pretty athletic guys like Alex (Davis) and Sedrick (King) that I think can showcase their abilities probably a lot better out there on the edge."

While the defensive line gets cut from four to three regularly on the field, the script is flipped for linebackers.

"The recruitment will change for sure as you go recruiting more, different style, linebacker," said head coach Mike Riley. "Outside linebackers, inside linebackers, more linebackers. So a lot of things change with the advent of the new front."

Nebraska is using spring ball to solidify any changes to positions.

The Huskers get back to practice Tuesday, March 7th.

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