Nebraska's Jake Meyers brings something special to at bats

Jake Meyers (4) hits an RBI single against UNC, March 8, 2017 (NTV News)

Jake Meyers isn't a spectacular offensive player.

His average of .289 is tied for third best on the team, which doesn't even rank nationally.

It's everything else he does besides getting hits why Darin Erstad wants him at the top of the lineup.

"I like him hitting as many times as he physically, can possibly hit in a season," said Erstad.

Meyers leads Nebraska with 17 stolen bases on 17 attempts, good for 37th most in Division I and he has the highest on base percentage out of all the Big Red batters.

"I talk about maximizing our best players, I want him to get a bunch of at bats," Erstad says. "We did that, a couple of guys got off to slow starts, you can mix it around. Some guys are swinging it better and you bounce the line up around to try and find the right matchups within the lineups. That being said, Meyers, I really like him being at the top. I think he brings the mentality we want to start off the game."

No slouch in the pitching aspect either. Meyer's is also a team leader and receiving national ranking in ERA (2.73/118th), wins (7/17th), walks allowed per nine innings (1.15/22nd), strikeout–to–walk ratio (4.88/70th) and complete games (1/84th) as a pitcher.

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