Speed bump in life provides lessons for Nebraska wideout

Stanley Morgan Jr. (8) gets up after a 4th quarter touchdown at Iowa, Nov. 25, 2016 (NTV News)

Stanley Morgan Jr. and Antonio Reed were arrested earlier this offseason for felony marijuana possession, the charge was lessened to a misdemeanor.

After successfully completing a drug treatment program, those charges were dropped and Morgan returned back to the Nebraska football program in time for preseason camp.

"Just what I say, you live and you learn," said Morgan. "It was a learning experience for me and just putting that in the past and building off that and growing as a young man.

Morgan's next goal is to educate those closest to him on the team on ways to avoid making a similar decision.

"Just stuff I went through off the field, I can give the guys the tools to learn off me, learn what I did, and build off that. Don't do what I did," he finished.

Morgan came off a sophomore season with 33 catches and 453 yards plus a couple of touchdowns.

Reed is scheduled to go to trial later this month, according to the Associated Press.

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