Annual Blue-Gold Scramble evolves into "friend-raiser"

Golfers playing in the UNK Blue Gold Scramble surmise the line for a putt on the 18th at Kearney Country Club on June 5, 2017 (NTV News)

UNK holding the 28th annual Blue–Gold Scramble at Meadowlark Hills and Kearney Country Club, a continued effort to raise money for the general athletics scholarship fund.

In year's past, the cost of $250 per person may have swayed a few to stay away from the tournament, so the athletic department decided to drop the fees by $100.

"We made this a friend-raiser instead of a fundraiser," said senior associate athletic director Josh Jorgensen. "We want alums to always come back anytime, but we really want to make this event something they feel they can come back (and) easy to afford.

"We had a lot of buy-in from the corporate partners around town, so that always helps. But it was one of those things that we wanted full field at each course. We got that. It's great to have everyone here."

An estimated 90 golfers played at each of the two courses and the day wrapped up at Kearney's Holiday Inn for a 19th hole celebration with prizes, food, and awards.

The prizes are as follows:

Kearney Country Club

1st Flight

1st Place – 54 (Anderson/Baldwin/Younes/Albrecht/Adams & TBA)

2nd Place – 56 (Adelung/Mannlein/Higgins/Barney/Fred/Sheffield)

2nd Flight

1st Place – 63 (Gallagher/Brown/Bass/Kotsiopulos/Baldwin/McKenzie)

2nd Place – 64 (Holl/Howland/Meyer/Payne/Rohde/Willis)

Flag Prizes

Hole # 1 (Longest Putt) – JP Younes

Hole # 4 (Longest Drive in Fairway) – Pam Gallagher

Hole # 5 (Longest Putt) – Jim Roark

Hole # 7 (Longest Drive) – Trevor Aden

Hole # 11 (Longest Putt) – Chad Sheffield

Hole # 13 (Shortest Drive Used) - Pam Gallagh

Hole # 18 (Longest Putt) – Marc Willis

Meadowlark Hills G.C.

1st Flight

1st Place – 52 (Henning/Mohrs/Koepke/Bahensky/E. Lydiatt/Buttress)

2nd Place – 54 (K. Roach/J. Roach/Hanna/Harvey/Haarberg/Wernke)

2nd Flight

1st Place – 62 (G. Koster/L. Koster/B. Devall/E. Devall/M. Simonson/T. Simonson)

2nd Place – 62 (Own/Whittaker/Dunham/McCoy/Armagost/Bosshammer)

Flag Prizes

Hole # 1 (Longest Putt) – Stan Clouse

Hole # 2 (Longest Drive in Fairway) – Trish Simonson

Hole # 8 (Longest Putt) – Duane Svec

Hole # 10 (Longest Putt) – Lee Jacobsen

Hole # 13 (Shortest Drive Used) – Jim Weber

Hole # 14 (Closest to Water) – TJ Peterson

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