Broncos have two dual threat quarterbacks

Hastings College senior quarterback Anthony Cloyd (12) escapes the pocket at the Bronco spring game, April 28, 2017 (NTV News)

There's one certainty at quarterbacks for Hastings College.

Whomever gets the job is going to be getting their first start under center with the Broncos.

Neither Isaiah Jackson nor Anthony Cloyd have played quarterback for the Broncos. Both young men having a final chance to enhance their case for the job during the spring game last Friday.

"I think at times they had some pressure in front of their face where they had to make some quick decisions," said Harper. "I think they're still learning the system. "

They didn't need long to show head coach Tony Harper what they had to offer.

"I think you can see with both Isaiah and Anthony running around, they're very tough to bring down in the open field. I think that's only going to add another dimension to Coach Head's offense," says Harper after the Hastings College spring game.

Both present a very strong threat of putting the ball down and taking off when needed.

"There was a couple of times where we had to tell those guys, 'Hey, we're trying to wrap up.' It wasn't two-hand touch. They're good enough to take good hits and cut across the green."

Cloyd's running ability maybe a little more evident. Rushing for 489 yards as a running back in 2016, bringing his three–year career total up to 826 with the Broncos. He has gotten into the passing game on three occasions, completing two of those passes for 12 yards.

Jackson, meanwhile, was a backup at quarterback at Fullerton College last year, running for 17 yards on 10 carries. He also completed 25 of 32 passes in his limited amount of playing time.

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