Hastings College Looks to Grow in Passing

Quarterback Anthony Cloyd runs it in for a touchdown against James Town.

Standing at 4–1 on the season, Hastings College Football remains amongst the top in NAIA division one standings.

Tahj Willingham ranks top 10 in five different categories on

Giving the Broncos the 10th best rushing offense in the league.

That success however doesn't carry over to the passing game.

After five weeks into the season quarterback Anthony Cloyd has fallen to 25th in pass efficiency.

Only connecting eight of 14 pass attempts verse Concordia.

Now preparing to face a winless Briar Cliff team, the Broncos look to expand their passing game.

Hoping to steer Cloyd away from running.

"We're going to work on the short gain and we're going to work on those third down conversions in the passing game," head coach Tony Harper said. "I think we only threw the ball 14-16 times last week and we only completed 50 percent of that, we have to increase that a little bit more, we have to be able to throw the football," Harper continued.

"We got to win the one on one games and make quicker decisions from the quarterback position," Harper stated. " We got to make sure we're running the right routes for the wide receivers, and I think those guys are continuously improving every week."

Harper acknowledged Cloyd's talent as a mobile quarterback, but still wants to see growth in the passing scheme.

"Anthony's Obviously doing some good things with his legs," Harper said. "but what we're missing is some drag routes and out routes and things like that, we got to make the decisions a little bit quicker."

Cloyd will be put to the test to go through the air on Saturday kicking off against GPAC rival Briar Cliff at 1:00PM.

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