Limited opportunities to get better

UNK sophomore Lorenz Allen (29) works on pass catching and footwork drills (NTV News)

Spring ball serves as a limited number of opportunities to get better individually and as a team.

There's only so much to accomplish in the span of 15 practices.

"The ultimate goal would be just us to go out and execute cleanly at the end of this thing," says head coach Josh Lynn.

UNK with a brief window to familiarize itself with the new philosophies of first year head coach Josh Lynn at something close to resembling game speed.

So it's not feasible to expect the program to be clicking on all cylinders by the close of business April 22nd.

Coach Lynn is not asking his team to be perfect by the end of spring ball, though.

"We've got to go out and work. Not only work on the field, but then come back in and get things corrected on film and evaluate off film and get to where we're executing and performing our assignments where we need to be," continued Lynn.

UNK taking Tuesday off before they return to Foster Field Wednesday for the second practice this spring.

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