Lopers Defense Prepare to Face Central Missouri

UNK works on tackles in inner team scrimmage.

UNK's defense also staying strong,Coming up to the half way point in the season the Lopers have risen into the top three in MIAA standings.

The team now prepares to face a powerful Central Missouri offense, averaging over 170 yards on the ground per game.

But that progress could come to a halt, as Lopers defense have held every opponent under 100 yards rushing this season.

Putting the team third in total defense.

"They have a great scheme of things offensively, especially in the run game," defensive coordinator Scott Lewis said. "They challenge defensive ends, they challenge line backers with different looks that they give you a lot of miss direction," Lewis continued. "So we got to be sound, we got to be discipline, we got to read our keys' and we all got to do our job because against this offense if two guys are wrong it could go 60 real quick."

"They're a good MIAA football team and more than anything else just do what we do every week," head coach Josh Lynn said. "Get really well prepared and get our kids really well prepared, have a great week of practice and look forward to playing at home."

The Lopers kick–off against Central Missouri on Saturday at 2 PM. It'll be their first home game in three weeks.

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