Lynn has several quarterbacks who fit the option mold

UNK redshirt freshman quarterback Dylan Reifels (yellow jersey) calls out the signals during a practice at Foster Field on April 5, 2017 (NTV News)

UNK's quarterback competition wages on with only the spring game left to separate from the pack.

For a coach, sometimes they know who and what they're looking for if and know it when they see it. The acknowledgment can almost set off an internal alarm.

UNK's Josh Lynn feels fortunate because he has several guys right now who he can look at and think, yeah, they are the kind of kid who can run our offensive system and match the look of someone running our style successfully in the past.

"Steve Worthing, who played last year for the Lopers, started some games," Lynn said. "Another one we're excited about is Dylan Reifeis, he's a kid from Colorado. He's extremely fast and what we're doing with our run and pass with our quarterback, the triple option.

"Another young man that's had a really good spring is Alex McGinnis. Alex has done a good job for us. He's a big, bruising type quarterback that can break tackles."

Coach Lynn says he wants to get everyone in to the spring game, but there's an unfortunately limited number of reps and he hopes the staff can take another look at the guys they feel they need to see more of.

As far as the spring game goes, UNK is pitting the offense against the defense rather than drafting teams, or, like Nebraska, pitting the one's and two's up with the three's and four's. They felt it was important to let the offense and defense play a little more together because both sides still need to put a lot of work in.

Lynn says he wants to go "good on good", which serves as another evaluation tool for the competition at spots all across the depth chart.

Saturday's kickoff is set for 11:30 a.m. and don't forget the Loper Backers banquet going at 5:30 Saturday night at the Younes Conference Center.

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