Lynn, Lopers successfully launch into spring ball

UNK head coach Josh Lynn during his first spring practice (NTV News)

The Josh Lamberson era opened on a warm, muggy spring day.

The Lopers went on to win once in two seasons.

The new coach, also named Josh, beginning his tenure with close to an exact opposite weather pattern.

In all likelihood, it means nothing. But the brisk temperature drop is certainly symbolic of the change we're experiencing between the two coaches.

Josh Lynn's first official practice is in the books, and the first–year shot–caller is impressed with how the first round went down.

"First thing I liked was the effort, the overall effort," said Lamberson. "I think the kids are doing a good job of paying attention to detail. We have a new offense and defense."

There was plenty of work on the option and running sets.

Another noticeable factor to the trained eye was the familiar faces.

"Thank goodness," Lynn says.

When the news first went down about Lamberson's departure, waters were a little bumpy around the program.

As a whole though, Lynn able to retain a healthy number of players from last year's roster.

"Retention has been great. Scholarship guys since I've gotten here I think we lost a total of five players.

"With the transition, it's been a good transition, and I think everybody is excited maybe about the change," Lynn said.

Lynn also mentioned he was unable to get any transfers before the second semester started because of his late arrival to UNK, only a week before classes started.

The Loper spring game is marked for April 22nd at 11:30 a.m.

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