MIAA home to offensive juggernauts

UNK breaks huddle prior to its spring game, played at Ron and Carol Cope Stadium on April 22, 2017 (NTV News)

Media Day for the MIAA hitting on a lot of topics.

Offensive football in the conference is certainly to be respected. Half of the league ranked in the top 45 Division II teams last season, with only the defending national champions, Northwest Missouri State, finishing in the top 50 defensively.

A variety of styles each time out is what makes the MIAA so elusive to stop.

"It's unique and what makes football cool and the best game on earth, is that it's different each week," said Sam Stoltenberg.

It's also what excites the senior defensive lineman.

"You prepare for a different offense, and defensively you prepare for that, and you kind of change your team or your defense or your scheme every week, which I think is amazing," Stoltenberg added.

The Loper defense looked much stronger than the offense for a majority of the 2017 spring game, ultimately beating the offensive side, 44–40.

UNK finished the 2016 season ranked 140th in total defense at 443.8 yards per game allowed, better than five other MIAA teams.

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