MIAA power still unknown to Loper head coach

UNK football head coach Josh Lynn (blue) works a Loper spring practice on March 27, 2017 (NTV News)

Northwest Missouri State certainly carrying the MIAA torch as national champions in three of the last four years and four of the last eight.

Pittsburg State also scored one in 2011, their second in school history.

Five of the last eight championships coming from the MIAA.

"Number one, this league is extremely well coached; more so than I've ever seen," said UNK first-year head coach Josh Lynn. "The second thing is there's a reason why they're winning national championships out of this league."

Still chewing on the fat of film, UNK head coach Josh Lynn has a lot to digest before the season opener.

"I've made some assessments about the athleticism and the overall programs in the league. But I'd be really pressed for me to say how good it is until I get in it and I get tangled up in it," said Lynn.

UNK was also asked about returning to Kansas City to play in the Division II National Championship at the MIAA Media Day.

The Lopers did their best to answer it respectfully, but also kept it real by stating they're trying to have realistic expectations for 2017.

Since joining the MIAA five seasons ago, UNK has won 10 games combined and never won more than three in any one year.

Practice for the Lopers starts on Aug. 7 and the season kicks off at a newly renovated Foster Field Aug. 31 against Missouri Western State.

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