The Aurora Trio

Austin Allen, Gavin Rush, and Todd Honas meet up at their Alma mater.

Three former Aurora Huskies were reunited this week, each of them about to head to fall training camp to begin a new season at the division one collegiate level.

Before they leave though, they took a trip down memory lane, reflecting on the journey that got them to where they are today.

They've achieved the ultimate dream of many high school athletes. Getting to play their favorite sport at the division one level.

"Just for me that's all I've really been working on," Huskers Tight End Todd Honas said.

Now Gavin Rush, Todd Honas, and Austin Allen reunite on the same field where that dream all started.

"The big thing is the memories and bond," Freshmen Austin Allen said. "The relationships you made with the coaches and the town of Aurora," Allen continued.

"Just all those many memories and so many practices and workouts," Wyoming Center Gavin Rush stated. "You know it was a great time in life," Rush continued.

"Just being from a small town, you know were in class B in terms of enrollment so that brings us a lot of pride," Honas stated. "We get to go up against these bigger schools and metro schools for instance and that kind of gives us a chip on our shoulder," Honas said.

The three reflect on their time as Aurora Huskies that made them the athletes they are today.

"Everybody worked really hard and worked together," Rush said. So it's just a tradition that this town has," Rush continued.

There's just something about Aurora and the tradition and culture we have here. That brings the best out of guys, I mean the Aurora football program teaches you not only to be a good football player but to be a good human.

Austin joins his now college teammate Todd at Nebraska. Hoping to bounce back from a senior season due to injury. While Gavin begins his sophomore year for the Wyoming Cowboys. Taking over as the center to fill in for his teammate drafted to the NFL.

"It's a great honor because it means they have a lot of trust in me because touching the ball every play is a big deal," Rush stated. "You make a lot of calls at the center position and obviously chase was really good at that, he just worked really hard all the time and studied his play book," Rush continued. "Very smart kid and just provides a great role model to me for look up to and be able to succeed after," Rush said.

But before this Aurora Trio part ways, they visit their Alma mater one last time. Remembering what it was like to play football for the Huskies.

"I've been here my whole life," Honas said. "You know I came in Middle School with that football program and eventually came up and they really helped me and teach me stuff that will help me move on and play at the next level," Honas continued.

Three football stars, out of the same school, in the same community. In high school football it doesn't get much better than that.

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