UNK women golfers make program history

UNK golfers Maaika Mestl (left) and Samantha Crawford walk to the first tee box at Kearney Country Club, May 3, 2017 (NTV News)

UNK women's golf does not have a single senior on its roster.

Yet, for the first time in program history, they've qualified for a regional meet.

Surprised this accomplishment perhaps came a year earlier than expected?

Think again, pal.

"Absolutely not," said junior Samantha Crawford. "This team is filled with such talent that we were really motivated to see what this team could do and we're able to put it together and get into the regional event."

"Not really," head coach Brett Mayo seconded. "Kind of after our first tournament in the spring when we played really well and beat a couple of teams we really needed to beat. They worked really hard for it and they gelled as a team and they played really well this spring and they kind of earned that spot rather than be surprised by it."

There is a small amount of reason to assume it may have been a little shocking considering the youth. Of the nine members, there are only two juniors. A majority of the faces are college pups with three sophomores and four freshman.

"We all had that set in our minds that we wanted to make regionals and so I believe that once you set something to your mind and you're willing to do it, and you put your heart to it, you can do anything," says Maaika Mestl, a sophomore.

The Central regional runs Monday through Wednesday for the women, who are playing a shorter, tighter course up in Sioux Falls, South Dakota than they're typically accustomed to around Nebraska.

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