Concussion discussion continues at high school level

Perkins County must face a very underrated Burwell in the 2nd round of the D1 bracket on Nov. 2, 2016 (NTV News)

With the fall sports season right around the corner, many coaches and team personnel must complete concussion awareness courses required by the NSAA.

Does the policy go far enough?

According to the Brain Injury Alliance of Nebraska, The Concussion Awareness Act passed by state officials in 2012 requires concussion awareness courses to be available, but doesn't require people to actually take them.

In the U.S nearly 14,000 high school student athletes this year have suffered a traumatic brain injury due to football, and over 10,000 more reported in soccer and basketball.

So trainers and medical personnel, want to make sure coaches, parents and players take concussion protocol very serious.

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