McCain adjusting nicely to starting role at quarterback

Nebraska Danger head coach Hurtis Chinn calls a play for Patrick McCain during a practice on May 2, 2017 (NTV News)

There's been a slow transition between quarterbacks Derrick Bernard and Patrick McCain in the Danger offense.

Bernard is no longer with the franchise, and McCain is in the starter's role.

A spot he's becoming well fitted for.

"I've been telling people from the start, actually, it takes time," said first year head coach Hurtis Chinn. "He's from a totally different system. A system where it didn't require as much thinking as aspects where he had more range or more freedom to just kind of freelance.

"Here, it's just more of a system where it's, 'If you do this, that, and the third, this is how it will go.' I think he's seen it every week. Just this week in practice he's just getting better, seeing the reads faster, the receivers and his timing are getting better."

McCain showed off his grasp of the new system a week ago when he threw for a season–high five touchdowns out against Cedar Rapids.

Nebraska has a big one Friday night, taking on Wichita Falls (8-2) on the road, who just beat the previously undefeated Sioux Falls Storm.

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