Nebraska football fighting through adversity

Nebraska tight end Jack Stoll hauls in a pass from Tanner Lee for his first career touchdown. (November 4, 2017) (KHGI)

Mike Riley's teams at Nebraska have had a really bad habit of what we in the sports world call snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. The loss to Northwestern exhibited all the qualities Husker fans have come to expect from the Riley era. Untimely penalties, turnovers in the red zone, and an inability to finish out a close game.

Unlike most losses this year, Nebraska actually had the lead in the 4th quarter. Usually they've trailed going into the last 15 minutes of play. The Blackshirts allowed Northwestern to drive 84 yards down the field and tie it up. The Cats would win their 2nd straight game at Memorial Stadium 31–24 in OT. Given the malaise surrounding the program currently, Coach Riley is preaching to his guys the importance of trucking through adversity.

"The great thing that you can do in a hard situation is not be controlled by that situation but really form your identity for a guy that’s going to continue to work hard and make it better," said head coach Mike Riley. " Be the difference-maker in all this. We actually preach that from the very beginning. That’s the way life is and usually in seasons, there’s some kind of rough spots so you have to be able to not let those dictate who you are. But you probably have to fight it a little bit, but that’s all right, too. You have to learn to be that kind of person that will be reliable to your teammate and that’s what being on a team is all about. You have to be that reliable one of your team so, you know the focus goes back to room for the coaches and the players and we all just basically have to do our job and try to do it better than we’ve done it.”

This is the 4th game this year that Nebraska has lost at home. Coming into this season, Riley had only lost 4 games in Lincoln his first two years.

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