Personal goals vary for Danger players

Nebraska Danger defensive lineman Xzavie Jackson lines up in a four-point stance at a May 16, 2017 practice (NTV News)

Football provides an outlet for hope, destinations, a future.

Suiting up for the Nebraska Danger can be for any combination of those reasons or anything else.

The love of the game usually ranks atop the list for anyone wearing a Danger helmet. Where it goes from there varies for each individual.

"Main goal is to make it to the NFL, man," said quarterback Patrick McCain. "I'll probably give it another year or so, but I want to make it to the next level. That's why we're here.

"The pay is not exactly top notch and all that, so you're out here trying to make it to the next level and get film."

Some guys have been to the next level. Xzavie Jackson, a graduate of the University of Missouri, has spent time in two NFL camps.

"I'm an older guy, and the NFL doesn't want older guys like me because they think they can't teach an old dog new tricks," said Jackson.

While he would certainly accept another go if it were to happen, he's thinking longer term.

"I love to have fun. I'm looking for the life after this. To be a coach, to help younger kids develop to get to where I've been," Jackson says.

Guys like Pig Brown and Jameel Sewell got into coaching for the Danger after their playing days so the path has been paved for Jackson.

We're talking about the Danger bye–week and what was accomplished, tonight at 10.

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