The New Tri-City Storm

Storm celebrate after a goal against Des Moines.

Pre–season has wrapped up in the USHL and the Tri–City storm are ready to drop the puck into the regular season.

Despite a 3–4 record, the team saw improvement in building their program under new head coach Anthony Noreen.

Building more depth in their new line–up.

"This is a group that's gotten better everyday," Noreen said. "Obviously we've gotten tighter we've spent a lot more time around each other, I think it's a group that generally and is going to battle for one another," Noreen continued.

"I think we've made steady improvements day after day through the exhibition season," Noreen stated. "We're a team that's not going to have one line, or one deeper, or goal tender that we're going to beat you with, it's probably going to be a different guy every night."

"I think that's something that's going to make it a fun group to be around and also when we play our game at our best we're a very tough team to play against. We've learned through the pre-season that when we get away from that is when we get in trouble, so I think as long as we gradually keep getting better within our game and in our system we're going to be a tough team to play against."

The Strom start the regular season on the road in Omaha facing the Lancers on Friday. Puck drops at 7:05 PM.

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