Bearcats Take Home the Gold at Flatwater Fracas

Bearcats warm-up for the championship round against Gretna.

Final day of the Flatwater Fracas up in Grand Island, featuring several Tri-City Schools.

Mason Brumbaugh, out of Hastings staying strong on top, pins his opponent in under sixty seconds. Adding six for the tigers.

Bumping up to 138lb Connor Laux won by a tech. fall in the second period. Totaling 15 points in his match. Hastings went on to finish second in Pool B.

Adams Central's Jackson Johnson had his way against Grand Island capturing a second period pin for six. Patriots finish 4th in Pool B.

Kearney High making it all the way to the championship round, taking on Gretna.

The Bearcats down by 12, close the gap with Lee Herrington dominating the mat with a pin. One of seven for the senior.

Dropping down to 126, Phillip Moomey adds another 1st period mat pat for the Bearcats. He would finish undefeated in the whole tournament.

Final match, Nick James pounds his opponent with two take downs and that seals the deal.

Bearcats go on and win it 39–24. Their first time winning Fracas Flatwater in over a decade.

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