Cardinal girls rely on offseason progression

Maddie Smith (11) poses for her Doniphan-Trumbull teammates on July 14, 2017 at the Miss Basketball Showcase (NTV News)

The Doniphan–Trumbull girls basketball program has struggled on the hardwood lately.

The Cardinals have averaged seven wins over the last four years and they're hoping some extra time on the court this summer allows them to reap the benefits once the season begins.

"We had so many close games against great competition like Ravenna and Ord," says Zoey Ballard. "I think even though 8–14 doesn't show how we played. It's definitely a step up and I hope this season we can at least get to .500."

Doniphan–Trumbull is participating in the Miss Basketball showcase for the first time in program history. They won their first game yesterday in a low scoring affair over Colorado Swoosh Elite 33–26. The Cardinals doubling up their win total, 42–30, over the North Dakota Phenom 16 squad. this afternoon, adding to a belief they're not too far away from stirring things up this winter.

"You know our program's been struggling. We've had some 6, 7 win seasons," said summer coach Mike Williams. "Last year we won 8 games and we felt like we could have been a .500 team.

"That kind of sticks with you and that's their motivation to get better this year and that's why I'd like to see 16, 17 wins and who knows maybe a trip down to Lincoln."

Doniphan–Trumbull has one more game in pool play – Friday night at 7:30 against Wheat State Premier U17 before the bracket begins Saturday.

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