GINW Volleyball Credits Success to Team Balance

Vikings take the court practicing blocks. 

Some teams need leaders to guide their way to victory, others rely on individuals to carry the team on their back.

But, for Northwest Vikings volleyball, among the top in class B with such dominance has been a journey involving every player working together.

Coach Rouzee in her 34th season as the Vikings head coach leads a team who's drilled through the season sweeping their way to the top of their district.

Northwest remains undefeated at home, playing through what Rouzee says has been one of their toughest schedules in her career.

Their strategy, spread out the talent and attack as a team.

"That's something that's fun about our team, we may not have a lot of girls in the newspaper as a stat or section leader because we have so much balance," Rouzee said. "Like our last game we had one girl with 10 kills and three girls with eight kills," Rouzee continued. "So who are you going to stop and that's what I want, I want a bunch of sharing, a lot of people getting credit, spread out the glory and try to make that other team spread out to stop all of the girls."

If you're wondering about the ballerina outfit, Northwest holds wacky dress up practices on occassion, I think Megan Bartz had the most spirit.

The Vikings are back in action at home hosting the Tri-Angular Tournament, where they welcome Hastings and Grand Island Central Catholic to the court.

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