Kearney boys soccer appreciates overseas trip

The Kearney boys soccer team takes in a professional European soccer match (Scott Steinbrook)

Kearney High boys soccer recently returned from their tournament overseas in the Czech Republic and Poland.

The team spent 12 days traveling Europe, and for some Kearney Bearcats, it was their first time being on a plane.

Not only site seeing, but playing against international club teams. Although the Cats only won once in five matches, head coach Scott Steinbrook says he's really proud of his team for taking on a bigger level of competition.

"Right when we got to Prague, we played a match against the FC Bohemians is the name of their club and that's a big club, you know at the top level they have a professional team so these kids are pretty talented," said Steinbrook. "We lost 1–0 in that match, but I think we represented ourselves and our school really well.

"When we got to Opava, we played four more matches two on Saturday, two on Sunday and it was pretty hot and humid like it is here. So we tied one of those we won another, lost a couple more, but overall I was pleased."

The Bearcats also took a day trip to the Auschwitz concentration camp. Although it's considered one of the darkest times in world history, the Bearcats believe it to be an unforgettable experience.

"When we went to Auschwitz, it was just an eye opener, like you go through the room with all the hair and it's just like really you don't believe it actually happened until you go there," said Kearney senior-to-be Sam Straka. "It's just crazy and its just sad.

"Birds don't fly over it. It's just kind of creepy because there's no life there."

"It was a tough day, it was an emotional day, but I think our kids used it as a learning opportunity," said Steinbrook. "You know, just understanding that portion of history, it was a dark portion of history, but I think they now have an appreciation for what went on there and there's some great tails of survival there as well."

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