Kearney stuffed in shootout against Creighton Prep

Members of the Kearney High soccer team huddle prior to a shoot out with Creighton Prep in the Class A semifinal, May 12, 2017 (NTV News)

Kearney boys soccer head coach Scott Steinbrook telling us Thursday night Creighton Prep would not be content to sit back and play for a 1–0 score, and the Bearcats would have to be more aggressive offensively.

He also said these were two very good defensive teams.

Well, he was half way right. There was no offense to speak of thanks to the defense. They played the entirety without a goal, and when it came to lining up the freebies, Creighton Prep was better. The Junior Jays win on penalty kicks, 3-1, winning the game 1-0.

This was the first meeting between Kearney and Creighton Prep in 12 years. The last match up was in the quarterfinal of the 2005 quarterfinal, a 4-1 Junior Jay victory.

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