Pleasanton brings Marine boot camp to students

Marines instruct select students doing burpees on Aug. 1, 2017 at a boot camp for Pleasanton High School (KHGI)

PLEASANTON - Few people are in better physical shape than those who serve and fight for our country in the United States military.

Pleasanton introducing some of their students to the rigors at a mock boot camp.

"They do this as a promotion for the Marines," Pleasanton Principal Ricci Westland said. "They come out to a bunch of high schools throughout the Midwest. Kind of tell the stories about the Marines to the kids and let them see what it's like doing some combat fitness testing and boot camp activities with them."

Marines putting a select group of Bulldogs through the ringer this week, holding a boot camp at the football field, where they showed the students various drills and team building exercises the marines go through in basic training.

"You came in here a little bit nervous like you didn't know what to expect but at the end of the day you just felt accomplished and just a way to get better like find something down deep to push through when it gets tough," said Keri Bauer, a volleyball player at the high school.

The purpose of these camps goes beyond simply improving on the field of competition.

"Basically all these are is to build teamwork and build camaraderie," said Sgt. William Gwin, a recruiter for the Kearney area.

"We also like to incorporate any theme that the coaches have for that year just really drive it home and help show them how even on the outside of sports that that theme is important. It's a life trait these students need going forward from high school."

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