Pleasanton girls top D1 coming out of holiday break

Emily Zimmer calls out a play during a Pleasanton practice on Jan. 2, 2018 (KHGI)

Head coach Randy Bauer couldn't have asked for a better start to the season.

The Bulldog girls currently sit at the top of the D1 wild card standings and are one of three teams remaining undefeated in the class with their 8-0 record.

"We all have experience to help the lower classmen, so just act like leaders out there on the court. We're pushing each other to get better and show underclassmen what it’s like to be 8–0 at this point," said senior Keri Bauer.

There are a total of eight juniors and seniors on the roster, and starting in practice, they do a great job of building each other up.

"Experience is really important and then that depth comes in," echoed coach Bauer, who is in his first year leading the girls program. "If you don't have five girls that can push the next one's then you're not going to get better. That's something we strive for at Pleasanton is having depth."

With wins over 8-1 South Loup and 6-3 Ravenna, Pleasanton is striding for their first state tournament appearance since 2009.

"I think we just push ourselves," said Emily Zimmer, a junior. "I mean we got 10–15 players who push each other. We're able to simulate five on five on five, so having that next five to push the first five is really what gives us our spark."

The Bulldogs have been on a lengthy break; 17 days between games. They get back at it on Friday when Pleasanton is home to winless Eustis-Farnam.

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